Bundles of Beetroot

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A few weeks ago my Dad gave me a load of his home grown beetroot.  I love beetroot, but being the only beetroot fan in the house I would never have gotten through it all if I’d pickled it and kept it for myself and there was far too much to try and use it in chocolate cakes, which is my other favourite thing to do with beetroot.  So I scoured the web for a beetroot chutney recipe I liked the look of.  In the end I decided to roughly follow this one on the BBC Good Food website.

I had more than 1.5kg of beetroot though so decided to use approximately 1.5 times the ingredients.  I thought processing that quantity of beetroot would leave the kitchen looking like a murder scene!  However, by peeling the beetroot into a colander in a basin of water in the sink wearing disposable gloves and using Maggie the Magimix to chop everything I actually kept things reasonably tidy.  What I didn’t factor in though was what the volume of the ingredients would be in increasing the ingredient quantities!  I started of using the large stainless steel pan I usually use for making jams and chutneys, but it soon became apparent that the pan was going to end up a little too full!  The only thing I had that was bigger was my enamel-lined cast iron Le Creuset casserole dish.  I had to use Google to find out if it was OK to use that, which thankfully it looked like it was so I tipped everything into that instead.  This also gave me an opportunity to use the giant wooden spoon and spatula for jam and chutney making that my Mum had given me for my birthday.

Whilst the chutney was bubbling away I sterilised the jars.  To do this I washed the jars and lids in hot soapy water and then put them in the oven pre-heated to 140⁰C.  They need to stay in there for at least 15mins, but I tend to leave them in longer until I’m ready to use them.

Once the chutney was ready, I took the jars out of the oven and spooned the chutney in.  I managed to fill 14 jars, which was nearly my entire supply of spare jars!  As I can’t eat that much chutney I will be giving some away as Christmas presents.  I bought some dissolvable labels on eBay to label up the jars and used some squares of Christmas fabric to cover the lids.

© 2015 Jennifer Richardson

And after all that I still had 2 giant beetroot left, one of which found its way into a chocolate and beetroot loaf and the other I cooked in the microwave and ate!

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