Alternative Christmas Cards

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I’ve always wondered when I make handmade cards whether people hold on to them or whether they just end up in the recycling with the rest.  Of course I don’t expect people to hang on to everything, but when you put effort into making things its sometimes hard to think that they may just find themselves in a bin.  So, a few years ago I decided to make what I call ‘alternative’ Christmas cards in the hope that people would be more likely to hold on to them.  My alternative cards are generally some form of tree decoration.  Of course, not being flat means postage is more expensive as they generally have to be sent with large letter stamps, but I like thinking that all the people on my Christmas card list are essentially getting a small gift.

Over the past few years I have made felt Christmas puddings, felt Christmas trees, fabric presents, crochet stars, and knitted mini stockings.  Here are a few examples of ones I’ve kept hold of for my own Christmas tree:

© 2015 Jennifer Richardson

For this year’s cards I have been making fabric yoyo Christmas wreaths.  I bought all the supplies from eBay.  I’ve used red beads and the cutest mini red buttons to look like berries and red satin ribbon for the bows and hanging loop.  I’m pretty pleased with how they have turned out so I hope their recipients will like them also.

© 2015 Jennifer Richardson


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