Growing Sewing Pattern Collection

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A few days ago I received the Simplicity New Look newsletter informing me that New Look sewing patterns were currently half price on their website.  This ignited a conflict in my head with one voice telling me I have enough sewing patterns and the other voice was shouting over the top that they’re on sale!  My sewing pattern collection is growing quite large now and I have yet to make up most of them.  But I love a sale and at £2.98 a pattern the sale voice won and I caved in to buying 5 new patterns to add to my collection.

© 2016 Jennifer Richardson
  1. New Look 6322:

This is probably my favourite of the 5.  I fell in love with the neckline of view C & D and the pleats on the bust.  I also like that it can be made up in both woven fabrics and knits.  I didn’t feel I had anything with a similar neckline already and further justified it as I thought it may work for some fabric I bought back from Japan last July!

  1. New Look 6000:

This pattern reminded me a little of the Sew Over It Joan dress (I think its the neckline of views B, C & D), which I already have and have yet to make.  But, like 6322, I liked that it can be made in both woven fabrics and knits and hence it made it into my basket!  I also liked the side ruching.

  1. New Look 6150:

I liked the ruched sleeves and neckline of view B and have a fabric that I thought might work for this.

  1. New Look 6409:

This pattern I bought with my niece in mind who is nearly 2.  It is a very basic skirt pattern so not one I would buy full price.  But at half price I thought it was worth having so I can hopefully whip up some skirts when she’s a little bit older without have to use my brain too much.

  1. New Look 6872:

Again this is a basic skirt pattern I wouldn’t have bought full price.  I have some fabric my Mum bought me back from Japan that I have been meaning to make into a skirt like this and was going to try and do it without a pattern.  However, for £2.98 I thought it was worth just buying it and I liked that this one comes into the waist as opposed to being designed to sit lower.

I have started keeping a record of the patterns I own using a Pinterest board so I can easily see what I have and therefore when I am looking at patterns I can better judge where I may have gaps!  But perhaps I should also unsubscribe from receiving newsletters informing me of sales so I’m not tempted to keep buying more patterns before doing something with the ones I already have!  And don’t get me started on fabric…


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